Digital Adoption FAQs

What tools can support the digital employee experience?

As you can imagine, there are many different tools that support the digital employee experience. Generally speaking, we can sort these into the following broad categories:

  • Communication software
    Tools that keep you in touch with colleagues. For example, Slack
  • Collaboration software
    Applications that enable you to work alongside others. Think Microsoft Office or the G-Suite
  • HR systems
    Software to access key HR functions, such as CoreHR
  • Learning software
    Technology focused on skills development, including tools like Cornerstone
  • Productivity tools
    Tools that help you complete your role, from project management applications like Monday to CRM software like Salesforce

Technology should make our lives easier, including at work. When it comes to the digital employee experience, we need to make sure that these types of tools are working for your people and your organization. Luckily, there are a number of intelligent tools that can support with this.

A Digital Adoption Platform – or a DAP, for short – is a dedicated piece of software that layers over other applications, observing how people use and interact with the program in question to learn from and improve this behavior.

As its understanding becomes more advanced, a DAP can provide interventions when it detects users are struggling with particular functions. For example, providing a step-by-step guide to complete a task, saving the user time, and preventing tech frustration – as well as improving the digital employee experience in the process.

DAPs help you get the most out of your business applications, and tailor support by program, person, or role. Want to find out more? You can find out how our digital adoption platform, Adopt, has helped businesses get the most out of their software in our adoption success stories.

For example, see how we helped global real estate leader Cushman & Wakefield with Workday, or how we supported med tech leader Edwards Lifesciences to reduce the time people spent navigating in the Cornerstone LMS.

You can find out more about how these tools make up the digital employee experience – and what you can do to make them work better for your business – in our Ultimate Guide to Digital Employee Experience.