Digital Adoption FAQs

What is the digital employee experience?

Put simply, digital employee experience is how people interact with different technologies throughout their working day.

You might not have come across the phrase before, but the digital employee experience is an important and very real aspect of a person’s working life.

As in thousands of other businesses, your teams are likely to rely to some degree on technology to complete their roles. And given the level of digital transformation many businesses have undergone since 2020, it’s even more vital that businesses pay attention to their organization’s digital employee experience.

But remember – even in a world where most people use technology in their working day, everyone’s digital employee experience is different.

This could be due to different roles, different levels of tech savviness or using different applications. It could even be down to how much time an employee spends using technology. Some people spend most of their day using applications such as Teams, whilst others may only log into Workday, for example, to occasionally access key HR docs.

The key thing to remember is that everyone’s tech experiences are considered in the digital employee experience. No matter how big or small someone’s daily interactions with technology are, it can all play a part in their overall employee experience.