Digital Adoption FAQs

What is digital adoption?

In its simplest form, digital adoption is about helping people to use and embrace technology.

Typically used in relation to business software, this definition can be expanded to include internal teams, external customers or entire companies. But whether used on a personal or organizational level, digital adoption efforts will always be focused on improving the engagement, experience, efficiency and effectiveness of digital tools, workflows and mindsets.

It is a common misconception for digital adoption to be linked to measurements like the number of users accessing a system or for it to be seen as a one-off achievement. However, digital adoption is not concerned only with the availability or apparent usage of technology. Instead, it is focused on improving the relationship people have with technology and ensuring tools are used well, in a timely fashion to achieve expected outcomes.

Done well, digital adoption not only enables and maintains these goals, but provides measurable benefits, from improved productivity and satisfaction to reduced support costs and time to value. While the use of a digital adoption platform like AppLearn Adopt is necessary to make sure of and measure success, digital adoption is a people problem and, like people, it should be supported inside and outside of technology.

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