Digital Adoption FAQs

What are the benefits of a digital adoption platform?

Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) bring many benefits, from saving money on training budgets to reducing admin burdens or improving software adoption. Ultimately, a DAP can help enhance uptake, improve understanding and accelerate time and cost savings associated with the application in question.

Whether you’re introducing new software or handling updates to existing applications, the changing nature of enterprise technology means gaps can emerge in how people understand, use and achieve success with digital tools.

Ultimately, a DAP can help to make these processes easier – enhancing uptake, improving understanding and training, and accelerating efficiency savings associated with the application in question. This might be through tailored guidance, hints and tips that are offered to the user in real-time or gathering analytics that helps you see where people need support with particular features or tasks, to improve the use of software.

It can result in a better return on investment, by using your organization’s digital tools to the fullest extent and making sure your staff feel supported in using workplace technology.

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