Digital Adoption FAQs

How do I measure the digital employee experience?

The best way to measure digital employee experience is to take an integrated approach. This involves gathering feedback from your employees and using intelligent data points to build the full picture.

If you followed a digital employee experience framework – such as the one we’ve helpfully laid out in our digital employee experience guide – you will have set, clear goals on what your tech should help you achieve.

Now, it’s time to measure how technology is performing against the goals you’ve put in place.

First, gather qualitative feedback from your employees. This can be done through surveys and forums, asking questions such as: what tools do they use each day? What works and what doesn’t? What can be improved?

Alongside this, you can gather and use intelligent data points to weigh up against employee sentiment. There are two ways to do this:

In-application analytics can measure basic data, such as the number of logins or widgets clicked. This can be useful, but let’s be honest – it only scratches the surface when it comes to really understanding how people are engaging with technology

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs), on the other hand, are designed to analyze and improve business applications. They do this by layering on top of multiple existing applications, which allows them to go far beyond the insight typically offered by in-app analytics. We think DAPs are a perfect starting point to measuring the digital employee experience – we might be a little bias. Our platform, Adopt, allows you to answer questions such as:

  • Which function do people redo the most?
  • Which user groups are taking more than 5 minutes to request an absence?
  • What journey are users taking to navigate to certain tasks?
  • What areas do users need more support in?

If you want to see for yourself how a DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) can make measuring digital employee experience straight-forward, you can learn more about our product here.