Digital Adoption FAQs

How do I make software change management programs a success?

Every software change management program will come with its challenges. In fact, research from McKinsey suggests only 30% see long-term success. So how do you become part of this successful 30%? With effective planning, tools that can drive digital adoption and training that supports your people in making the switch to new systems and processes.

When it comes to change management, success is measured by the uptake, confidence and time spent on getting to grips with the new software. The happier and more effective users are, the more successful the change management has been. So how do we make this happen?

When embarking on a change management program, there’s a few key aspects that you need to pay attention to make it a success. Communication is one vital area, so that your people are aware of the planned changes and how it will impact their day-to-day. Consider how it will impact users in both positive and negative ways and anticipate any questions. Where possible, run an initial briefing session and address these questions – or concerns – early on – it may provide a useful steer on the roll-out and any training needs.

It’s also important to make expectations on behavior shifts clear from the start. Set goals for uptake and communicate how you’ll be measuring this. Make sure people are aware of the training they can access to get to grips with the new software and have ‘best practice’ examples available for any new processes they’ll need to use. Finally, training is critical and cannot be underestimated – the support you provide in this area can make or break your change management program. Offer tailored support, that considers how a user will be using the new software – whether that’s dependent on their responsibilities, tech savviness or familiarity with the application(s) in question.

We might be bias, but this is where a digital adoption platform (DAP) can really make your program fly. A DAP adds an extra layer of support to pieces of software, improving training, user experience and helping people get to grips with tech more easily. And don’t just take our word for it – have a look at the latest research from Everest to learn about the benefits of DAPs for change management programs.

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