Digital Adoption FAQs

Are DAPs change management tools?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) and change management tools work together – but they aren’t exactly the same thing. Change management tools direct and oversee organizational change initiatives, while DAPs are specifically designed to accelerate the uptake of new software, providing targeted support to help people get to grips with new ways of working. In a change management program, DAPs can be invaluable.

So how do they work? DAPs layer over other software applications to help users learn how to use them effectively. It might be leading users through daily tasks or providing relevant support docs and tips as they go. These platforms can help familiarize users with new software quickly and identify when a little extra help might be needed.

When you’re onboarding multiple people onto new applications or tech processes, you can see how DAPs can be a key piece of the change management jigsaw. DAPs can help you achieve:

  • Increased uptake of the new software
  • Less reliance on IT support staff
  • Better user proficiency
  • Enhanced employee engagement with new tech
  • Improved overall productivity

To learn more about how a DAP could benefit your software change management program, look at our Definitive Guide to Software and IT Change Management.