Join us in this webinar to learn a repeatable model that fuels multi-app, self-help productivity and successful support experiences, simply by prioritizing consistency.

Webinar overview

True digital transformation isn’t just about choosing the right technology, it’s about using technology right. From before launch to once it’s in day-to-day use, a consistent digital support experience is vital to getting maximum value from software investments.

To discuss this on May 28th at 11:00 AM EST/4:00 PM BST, your host and AppLearn Co-Founder Andrew Barlow will be joined by Mark Powell, a Change and Implementation Advisor whose recent assignment was at global real estate services firm and AppLearn customer, Cushman & Wakefield.

Together, they’ll discuss supporting users as an organization and within application. These are the 2 sides businesses need to consider to deliver smarter support, especially when multiple locations and software solutions have to be considered.

Mark has extensive experience as a client-facing real estate advisor who transitioned to work on Salesforce and Workday®, with his most recent launches affecting 47,000+ employees in more than 60 countries. Having beat the initial support ticket reduction target by 136%, this isn’t an insight you want to miss.

4 reasons to watch

1. Discover the value of implementing intelligent self-help support.
2. Uncover best practice insights into supporting people through software change.
3. Learn from the successes and failures of two recent global software launches.
4. See a live demo of how AppLearn’s digital adoption solution provides just-in-time guidance.

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