Work has changed.
Have you changed with it?

More online. More remote. More apps. The way we work has shifted.

With this, people are using more software than ever to do their work, each with different functions, training needs and tech support.

This is the digital employee experience. The convenient yet complex environment employees move through every day.

The opportunity is big, but so is the challenge. In fact, our research found poor experiences cost millions a year in lost productive hours.

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A seamless digital employee experience can save your organization time and money. It can boost workforce happiness and productivity.

But where do you start if you’re trying to tackle this challenge? Your people. How are they using these applications? Are they getting the most value from them? Do they need additional training or support?

Our digital adoption platform, Adopt, makes it easy to understand how your team are interacting with your applications and helps you to support their productivity.

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Employee experience product use cases

Employee experience success story

"Other systems just don’t have this experience."

George Lam from Edwards Lifesciences worked with AppLearn to deliver a better in-app experience in their Cornerstone LMS.

By driving digital adoption and in-app training we were able to:

  • Get 97% of all LMS users engaged with new in-app support
  • Lower average session duration from 30 minutes to 15
  • Reduce average user navigation time by 50%
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