Digital adoption, made simple

Get the max from your software with AppLearn's digital adoption platform

  • Simple to understand and easy to use
  • Intuitive analytics experience
  • Rapid time to value

Forget the days of reduced efficiency and unnecessary training costs for the software in your organization. AppLearn is designed to guide your users through applications and processes.

  • No code or complexity
  • Easy to integrate and work with
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Works with desktop & web apps
  • Self-service functionality

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How can AppLearn’s digital adoption platform support your organization?

  • Accelerate user onboarding
  • Deliver guidance and support within applications
  • Improve user engagement and productivity
  • Get insights to drive continuous improvements

Leave application adoption issues in the past

Our digital adoption platform is designed to be easy to integrate and work with, as a browser extension or integrated directly into your software. It starts and stays simple, whether for 1,000 users of one app or 100,000 across a tech stack.

Every month, over 30m interactions with Adopt are monitored and supported by our hypercare service. With our platform and partnership, you’ll see software success in no time.

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