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Watch the presentations below to learn from first-hand experiences of software change at market-leading businesses and get advice on the key challenges, from initial engagement to ongoing support.

“Manager self-service is the most challenging technical problem in HR technology, for the vendors and end-users.”

Thomas Otter, Founder of Otter Advisory and ex-SAP/Gartner.

Watch Thomas’ track talk for further insight into manager’s pains, as well as how he believes robotics and automation, designing processes for manager personas and a focus on change management can all lead to significant improvements.

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“From a Workday perspective, we have some of the highest user rates of any Workday client globally. Everybody is using it.”

Nadia Hutchinson, Global HR Operations Director at Kantar.

View Nadia’s track talk for more on why Kantar have a full-time change and training team within HR, statistics on their SaaS usage and how they use the ADOPT digital adoption solution to improve visibility, as well as user support.

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"SaaS solutions will tell you, or try to sell to you, that they can solve for all audiences at one time. I’ve tried it, I’ve worked for them, and they simply can’t."

Siobhan Thomas, Global Talent Acquisition Director at IHG.

Siobhan’s track talk shares more about how IHG work out a real value proposition for new software and why new functionality can’t be labelled as a gain for user groups without knowledge of their pain-points.

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“I want to share with you some of the learning we’ve had over the last decade of getting our heads around user adoption and software.”

Mark Barlow, Founder and CEO at AppLearn.

Mark’s track talk shares more about the role and emergence of the digital adoption solution, as well as detailed examples from an ADOPT case study involving a modular recruitment implementation which affected 90,000 staff.

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Discover the four surprising stats from the biggest HR event of the year

The results not only suggest a general knowledge gap into how HR applications are actually being used, but widespread difficulty when it comes to proving the value of the software.

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